The Itaquareia, one of the largest and most solid sand mining companies in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, enhances economic growth while preserving the environment.

For it has many areas of environmental projects in the past was held mineral exploration, such as:

Monitoring Project of Birds

The project aims to survey and monitoring of birds that inhabit areas of the itaquareia ventures, here are some espécieis already found in our areas:

Revegetation of areas with native tree species

Revitalization of native areas, which in the past was held mineral exploration.

Effluent Treatment Plant

Environmental Responsibility

For Itaquareia, the Environmental Responsibility, one of the values ​​of sustainable development, consolidates every day as a principle essential to a better future.

Keeping this in view, in mid-2010, it created an institute responsible for channeling these actions. The initiative resulted in the creation of " Abare Environmental ", a non-profit organization that aims to disseminate and promote environmental awareness in municipalities working members, to stimulate sustainable development practices. Currently, Abare has some projects, which is the Itaquareia assiduous participant.

Program on "Sustainable Abare" which involves projects related to the preservation of the environment, Itaquareia performs the management of solid waste, plays plantations and donates seedlings, collecting cooking oil saturated with employees, having collected 11,000 since 2011 liters, participates and conducts activities during the week of the environment, among others.

The Project "Abare teaches" is related to the activities of absorbing knowledge like Fabric Painting course in Santa Isabel benefiting 30 people of the community.

Held last year two editions of "Abare in action," a day of free services to the community, involving activities of culture, leisure, entertainment and guidelines, in their planning to carry out similar other two days in the second half of 2012.

With the project "Meet" the Abare, along with Itaquareia the past two years, opened its doors to just over 450 people, including children, adolescents, adults and university students aimed at providing knowledge to external audiences about the mining area sand for construction and environmental responsibility. In September and October of 2012 three other visits are planned, which will be offered to elementary students and middle public schools.

And finally, through the "Abare for all", "Abare Outreach" Tax Incentive Legislation and develops and sponsors social projects.

Visit the site and learn more Abare project.

Abaré Socioambiental - www.abare.net.br

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